Life skills and interruptions

How often is it that we expect life to run smoothly from a-z?

We experience plans that have been interrupted by life circumstances, so why is it so difficult for young people to catch up with their dreams when muddles happen, such as trauma or loss.

Personal and professional experiences have shown me that often when you find your mojo to reenter life, you are told to find a pathway forward that takes you a longer route towards your career goal. Let me explain, you are an A grade student that suffers a trauma or loss, and you had high aspirations, which you stalled. When you seek a way forward, you are given the choice of a vocational option, alongside side basic skills, when previously you were on track for 4 A levels and higher education.

Seeing frustration on the faces of clients and their loved ones makes me think that their has to be a better way. SometimesI i day dream of a philanthropist who would sponsor such scenarios and I could create bespoke packages of creative, somatic, ethical, social, spiritual, relational and purpose led self-awareness packages.

It seems that some education systems like Steiner and Montessori help that pupils become competent, confident and aware members of society, whereas the public education seems to value any subject that prepares you to be an economic unit and places less value on therapeutic, inner guided subjects such as music, art, drama, and creative

play in general.

I’d love to hear snapshots from personal experiences, insights or comments as you read this prose.

Characters that feature in my often gather to debate such topics, but I’d love to know if a real discussion group is a way of building connection and community within the members of tangledtreetribe?

It could be around topics featured and personal experiences that come to mind as result of taking time out – to ponder what really matters in the lives of the next generation and those that love them.

“Life is like a camera, just focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out, TAKE ANOTHER SHOT “ Dorothy Spring

When muddles happen

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