Sue Bayley

The Autistic Whisperer

My modus operandi.

I know there are different perspectives within the professional and personal worlds regarding education a this time during lockdown.

While picking up essential supplies this lunchtime, I noted several parents using the shopping experience as a maths or reading opportunity.

I began thinking about what constitutes a rich tapestry of leaning: I considered that if each human being, whatever their chronological age, brought these elements into their daily lives.

In my own travels as a seeker, supporting the spirit, mind, body and emotions was reflected in all my decisions and each dimension brought a thread of wholeness,

My extra-curricula time blocks of purposeful play, with intention and reflection, brought me home to my essence. A bespoke practitioner… with professional qualifications in ministry, embodied relational therapy, life purpose work, creative and somatic pursuits.

My creativity has been developed by International Creativity.

My social life has been accelerated in themed Facebook group.

My body has been grounded by nia and Chakradance.

My career has matured by knowing myself and the client more clearly.

My mind gets its freedom by creating my Body of Work and ebooks.

My relational connection has been honed as an Embodied Relational Therapist.

My spiritual life has been defined by my Interfaith vow. “ Here I am wherever I am, shining my light naturally. I vow to see the sacred in myself and the apparent other, and release them to the truth of who they are”