Little Willow is excited..

Little Willow has woken up this morning very connected with excitement.

Why is the inquiry?

She has chosen to revisit her Chakradance dance training, so that she can get access to materials which can allow her to teach it on-line.

She only wrote her intention, and why yesterday, yet she has woken this morning somehow different.

Her somatic IQ knows she is now listening to its proddings which have sometimes been ignored.

She has had grand ideas of her own offering, from her trainings in ministry, spiritual counselling, embodied relational therapy, and intentional creativity, and her twenty two years of being a guidance practitioner, mainly with the “hardest to help teens / adults and their significant others.

Oh ego, take a sabbatical, I am enough…

“When you know your worth, you move different”

Self-worth comes from one thing – thinking that you are worthy.”

-Wayne Dyer.Kidadl

Balance your chakras to improve your life, with the powerful ‘moving meditation’ of Chakradance. Natalie Southgate.

Little Willow reflects…

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