Beryl the Bloodfire dragon

Raised on the land near Snowdonia, she visited the anxious,the diverse,and the people who feared life the most. Her energy engaged them, and her passion was to remind them that they are not alone, with their grief of “what might have been”; and to take time to reframe their thinking and their trajectory. What if something better was on the horizon, just out of view? Her inner critic created counter-arguments to challenge any potential change to the status quo. Yet she blew her blood-fire flames onto that moment before destiny decided.

Beryl loved her purpose in life, yet became frustrated when individuals were blind to her gifts. She determined to use her blood-fire energy to continue her quest, to attract her beloveds to her, so she could communicate how she had overcome traumas, bereavements and isolation . Her true colours were now on view.

Casey Gerald said in a recent Ted Talk: “the way we are taught to live has got to change”, “too often we hide parts of ourselves in order to fit in, win praise, be accepted, but at what cost?”. Source: Ted Salon – Belonging

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