Breathing life into my blog!

imageWhy here, why now?

I set an intention 18 months ago to create a blog, and I let fear stop me from publishing! I wanted the world to know that my adult diagnosis, previously perceived as a curse is now acknowledged as an asset!

I have moved from seeing myself as an elective mute to being a woman with a valid voice.

l have reframed my body image from one where I am dis-embodied, a “space cadet” to some one who has graceful somatic intelligence .

I have moved from low resilience and depression to being an empath and body psychotherapist!

My intention in my blog is to show how self love and determination has begun to re-shape my life and I envision you can too, make that choice.

When I reflect on my last week, I can see how people that have crossed my path have touched my heart and mind, and shown me how similar and different human beings can be! Some parrallels: , we deeply seek a goal, we pour energy into verbal outpourings, and on social media. We search introspectively and seek external affirmation.

An opportunity arises,  new sense of possibility shows up as a smile, a tear, a risk, and then, back in familiar surroundings, old doubts, fears and habits emerge. If we challenge the intruder, we may win, once  or twice, yet how often does a bigger sabotage emerge which traps us in the status quo.

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