The Sioux Shem Way is a choice to find your purpose beyond your day job..

• In the 1990’s I had a crisis, where meaning was lacking in my life.
• We had just re-located to Yorkshire and I couldn’t face going into another Recruitment job
• I began going into shops with spiritual books, tapes, and guest tarot readers, and found myself on a journey of discovery.
• One day I saw that OFSTED  shut a school down, and that its empty classrooms were being used for community projects.. so I picked up the phone.
• I became a volunteer for Leeds City Council.. and worked alongside Careers Advisers, Literacy and Numeracy tutors, and guest speakers from the community.
• I enrolled at Bradford University and completed a modular course in Personal and Professional Development, which opened many doors… Transactional Analysis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Careers Guidance and Gestalt groups.
• I learned that there were other ways to be, not do, and other opinions beyond those of family and friends. I decided to know myself…
• Now 20 years on.. I want to leave a legacy.. and the tools of my trade are; kindergarten-4-the-soul, Being-in-the-body, and K4S uses spare moments / hours/ week-ends to create extra-curricular activities, to aid expression, extend experience and engage in challenges; Being-in-the-body undertakes activities which ground, heal, honour, and brings the body out of exile;; takes the “juice” from lived experience; the“alchemy” from inner shifts; and reframes the awareness for yourself and others.
• For years, I felt that I didn’t have a “right to exist”.. this innerwork, helped me transform issues such as being an elective mute (Nina Nameste); dyslexia tendancies (Sioux Shem); Non-Verbal Learning Disability (Phoenix Poppy); Dyspraxic tendancies (Little Willow); Dyscalcula tendancies (Miriam Mist); Abuse ( Sioux Chem, Phoenix Poppy and Miriam Mist); Abandonment (Phoenix Poppy); Broken heart (Miriam Mist and Little Willow); Bereavement (Sioux Chem); and sometimes with the “no right to exist” I called upon the whole team.

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