More on the Inner Tribe:

Let ,me tell you about 3 of the initiates of the Inner tribe:

Miriam emerged when Interfaith gave me the opportunity to mentor emerging Ministers and Counsellors. Witnessing the shifts in awareness occur was an honour. As individuals and a collective group, we moved away from fear based thinking. Qualities that emerged were: more presence, passion, empathy,  and more openess; And reduced judgement.

Little Willow was led by stirrings within always spontaneous, energetic and abstract. Soul promptings led her to start training with Jason Chan, in Infinite Chi Kung and Infinite Tai Chi, but after a year of struggle, she realised that her autistic brain wasn’t cut out to remember the form required. Disillusioned but determined she turned her body towards nia, a fusion of dance, martial and healing arts. The magic of the music helped her retain the audiocues, required to pass amovement to an individual or a group. Quite an achievement for some-one with spatial awareness challenges. Abstract art emerged via the Steiner hospital near Kidderminster, and 1/1 or group guidance from psychic artists. Third party belief hinted at some emerging expression, simple, honest outpourings, began to seep through. Ancient knowing flowed back in Little Willow’s body, and as she was willing to honour the creative process, and the “wheel of the year” , she relaxed into new horizons.

Sioux shem is a symbol of the journey undertaken, and prompted by divine timing. Repeated murmurings stirred the soul, and the evolving purpose prompted, whispered and twinged its request for acknowledgement.Soul prompts come from within, in quiet moments of silence, when soul grit is stirred, soul whispers come from myself to another, or back to me, and soul twinges grab my body’s attention. Sioux chem uses this earth based existence to allow form and freedom, exile and emergence,self discovery and self knowledge,and observing of self and others.

My husband refers to my truth sayings as Siouxisms, words spoken with clarity, yet without pre-thought or preparation, even I wonder who speaks!

If these words have stirred your spirit… re-inforce the message by putting the pictures with the words!

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