Where does celebration finish and bragging start

Okay, so where does celebration finish and bragging start.

An intriguing topic to me right now.

I feel a few gear changes, and positive feedback from the universe as I place my inner world into the outer world.

A couple of books, a couple of ebooks, a few Facebook lives, an occasional YouTube, yet all huge milestones for the intrepid solepreneur or partnership.

Why mention this now, its because a recently written ebook, and an offered playshop, to give professionals, downtime in their busy, have bought recently had great reviews.

I am torn between shouting from the roof tops, and being mindful of others who are in a different stage of emergent soul work.

Myinnertribe are all displaying their excitement in different ways:

Terrified Tina wants to remain invisible.

Trusting Tara wants to be visible.

Sioux Shem says she wants to cuddled.

Nina Namaste is thanking for her guides and teachers.

Phoenix Poppy wants to put her past doubts on the fire.

The Twins want to swim, or make a camp fire, (with marshmallows).

Near Miss Molly fears the exposure.

Little Willow is being asked to stop talking about it.

Miriam Mist is exploring the gifts for self and others.

Bea Babe is sensing her selective mutism.

Advocating Annie wants to call in more members of her tribe.

Silent Silkie agrees with Bea Babe.

Fliss Food wants to go out for lunch to celebrate.

Wilemina Water wants a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Self Respecting Sally is more pragmatic.

And Nurturing Nora is wondering how it will impact the reader.

If you’d like more characters or have a name for a new member, please follow my blog or look up http://www.tangledtreetribe.com

The Tribe

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