Grateful for fellow role models

Yesterday I watched the second episode of Chris Packham’s “Inside Our Autistic Minds”. It didn’t disappoint.

I can see parallels between his passion and my own. And how we use all our knowledge, skills and experience to give neurodiverse and highly sensitive individuals their voices and reduce marginalisation they feel in a neuro- typical world.

I was particularly touched by the two stories conveyed. Especially because I have worked with young people just like Anton and Ethan.

As retirement is on the horizon, I’d like to turn my attention to the influencers who meet individuals like Anton and Ethan.

I am speaking to parents, guardians and professionals, who offer their best approaches, yet fail to reach the person in front of them.

Often they feel frustrated, worried, challenged, that they cannot reach the other, They witness disengagement, sabotage, and self-harm and don’t know what to do.

Neuro-diverse, or highly sensitive individuals have exquisite radar. You need to be genuine enough in your desire to reach them otherwise you will fail.

Aim to get inside their world rather than expecting them to adapt to your world. There is time to be a bridge later.

Maybe start with their favourite places or special interests, and build from there.

“Back then I thought they were too cowardly to think deeply about themselves and their world…but now I know they had no more choice than I did, we’re just wired differently, different parts of our brain are a bit more developed than the others”.

Chris Packham

Fingers In The Sparkle Jar. A Memoir

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