Fond memories 4 me. Possibilities 4 you.

Good morning, spirit has woken me early. The whole my inner screaming at me to announce that my dear friend and teacher, Amber K. Bonnici, is holding another virtual retreat in March 2023.

I understand the push from them to honor this offering as I know only too well, that my attendance a in person retreat in Hawaii in 2017, kickstarted the whole new set of revelations with the paintbrush and the pen.

Some of you who know me will know that I worked with spirit to find a way to get me there, my total focus for nine months was purely that goal.

Painting in my late 50’s and 60’s has given me joy, a voice that was buried for decades, and a vocation, to offer a voice to the voiceless and meaning to the marginalised in my daily encounters, my circle time with others, and in my legacy, I model possibilities, when the inner voice is listened to and acted upon.

The next voice here will be Amber’s.

“Aloha and e komo mai!

Welcome to the Creativity Unleashed Hawai’i Retreat.

This retreat is meant to nourish you and your Creative Spirit.

Get ready to fill yourself up with ALOHA,

To plug back in,

To reconnect with YOU.

I’m going to encourage you to do everything you can to create the space and time for this experience.

We do this just once a year.

This is it.”

Say Yes: Your soul will thank you.

And I am on the front row


“Now that you’ve said yes, you’ve made an agreement with your Creative Spirit. You’ve said Yes to connecting with Her. You’ve also said Yes to the land of Hawai’i.”

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