Inspiration from a famous autist

I have just watched this superb programme. “Inside Our Autistic Minds”. Where Chris Packham shares amazing moments, where 4 individuals with autism, explain what it is like to live with the condition.

Beyond silence

It speaks to me as I was a selective mute as a pre-school child. Yet I recently spoke at a plenary session in the House of Lords. I work with autistic teens and have done for 23 years, and highly sensitive families tend to seek me out.

I intend to retire later this year and wish to devote my time to giving a voice to the voiceless and meaning to the marginalised. Using the paintbrush and the pen, and other strategies that have given me back my voice and sovereignty.

I’d love to compare stories and collaborate in some way. I was diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disability aged 47, in 2005, and after crashing initially, I now accept my diagnosis and the superpowers it bestows. I am determined to pass on the gifts from my struggle, and am looking for a vehicle to make this happen when I retire.

Just summarised the above prose as a comment on Chris Packham’s comments on programme mentioned above.

The two films which are highlighted, are from Flo, a 28 year old, who loves to perform improv comedy, And how she wants to be herself, and reduce her masking. And from Murray, aged 20, who is nonverbal and communicates with a tablet. His thoughts are unlocked and both touching and profound.

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