Silent Silkie strikes out

Silent Silkie strikes out.

I was invited this morning to consider creating a time capsule. My guidance was that I was allowed 3 things: Objects; Thoughts; Feelings; and Memories.

And they had to represent different time spans: Past; Future; and Present.


My thoughts were placed into a tin box, from the 1940’s, and I believe thoughts can impact us in the form of hopes, fears or worries.


My contribution to the conversation was that anyone can rise above the circumstances of their birth, and the early trials in their lives.


Mine were trauma, abuse, and bereavement, and a hidden undiagnosed neuro diversity, in the form of Nonverbal Learning Disorder.


Through bravery, determination, and grace, I have lifted myself up by being a “late yet lifetime learner”, and created a portfolio of powerful strategies that serve me on a daily basis, as I still suffer as an autist.


My striking out is in the form of a play shop, with 10 professionals, from a wide range of disciplines: Communicaitions, Family Support, Access and Inclusion, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, to name a few.


This shows that my life purpose is shifting; although ultimately the same young people will ultimately benefit. I have worked 22 years with  teenagers, now I am looking to retire, when spirit provides guidance, and do more to shape the wellbeing of our next generation. 


I want to be part of an educational offer, where professionals, who may or not be parents are invited to explore through creativity, and learn how Neuro diverse individuals react to human experiences that all humans live through, yet their sensitive wiring, needs a tender response. Sometimes when busy, professionals can allow their head to overrule their heart, and inadvertently cause a lot of pain, so I’d like to be part of the solution.



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