Interesting how each hobby, interest or intention seems to go around in cycles. Just like the seasons.
Chakradance has been a modality which has lingered in my life since 2014, it has been picked up and put back on the shelf, yet my body misses the free movement, the bespoke music, and the culmination in the mandalas.
What are your enrichment activities?
How do you offset some of the more mundane aspects of your life?
It is certainly necessary to make choices that feed your mind, body and spirit!

“Many of us have asked the questions: “Why are we here?” Or “What is the meaning of life”. We find ourselves lost or confused. Is life really about finding a good job, getting married, and raising a family? Surely, there has to be more. “ All humans start off in the same place – as pure creative energy. The unfortunate thing is that most people never reach their full potential as creators.” You’re not broken. Christopher Michael Duncan