Why Terrified Tina wanted to be more like Trusting Tara

My blog my inner tribe.me I have created a number of characters which form the invisible tribe. Recently I asked a few people which of the characters had meaning to them and terrified Tina and trusting Tara rated quite highly.

The dictionary definition of “terrified “ is“ cause to feel extreme fear, the thought terrifies me”. Oxford Languages

And the dictionary definition of “trust” is “ firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of some one or something, relations have to be built on trust”. Oxford Languages

Terrified Tina was afraid of so much that it curtailed her life to her own home. She missed out on friendships, fun, and felt lonely.

She was envious of Trusting Tara, who appeared to have it all. Yet she privately thought she was wrong too.

So, how did she change her perspective and move forward. She found someone who had walked the path before her, who understands her pain, and has found her own bespoke strategies, which have helped her find and keep a job, become an artist, and a writer and so much more. She secretly wanted more, yet used excuses to keep her safe.

Please let me introduce you to the tribe, who are peers of Terrified Tina and Trusting Tara; some names that immediately come to mind are: Sioux Chem, Phoenix property, Nina namaste, Near Miss Molly, and the twins Wilamina Water, and Fliss Flames.They witness what occurs.

If these words resonate with you please inquire within who may connect these words to share.

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