Unexpected lessons

Terrified Tina wanted to walk to her favorite oak tree. She wanted to seek a blessing to protect her beloved Clive as he travels to his family home to meet his brothers. He needed to sort out a decade long challenge that is on the cusp of change.

She hated working on her own, especially in a rural area where she may come across a dog off and lead. Guess what happened! She met three dogs on her 30 minute walk: the first dog was an Alsatian, yet she sussed that the humans looked friendly and the dog was on a lead, so she focused on her breath, and tentatively stepped aside. She waited for them to pass on the verge.

In the narrow stretch of the meadow, she encountered more humans and two dogs. A friendly black laborador, and Alsatian, off the lead. Once again, she stepped aside, yet this time, she began to panic, tears filled her eyes, and her palms were sweaty. She nervously watched for the loose dog to be held, as she walked past.

Before the they left the scene,the two women walked ahead with their dogs, and the gentleman stopped to ask if she was okay. She couldn’t really say yes, so she muttered something about teen trauma around dogs. The two women shouted back to their companion, and he offered an explanation, saying that some people are scared of spiders, and this lady is phobic about Alsatian dogs.

So what did I learn, lessons, come up in unexpected ways yet it is always a choice in how you react to them.

“Be brave
Don’t be a slave
Even if things become a close shave.

The soul wants you to learn
And be allowed its turn
in shaping your future so you get what you yearn” Sue Bayley

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