I wonder…

As I sit here with the first brew of the day, I wonder about the week ahead. New beginnings bubble up ready to be seized, and the wind lends itself to the flow of this moment.

My body sends me a reminder in the form of a gurgle that it is hungry, and yet my mind knows it is below par with a bug, I wonder if I van shake it off within the next 24 hours, as I have things to do, and people to see. And is has already zapped my energy in the last 48 hours.

Not dwelling on that theme, I turn my attention to other things that make me wonder… the circle of life and death, coincidences, synchronous happenings, to name but three.

I have just noticed that there is a film entitled Wonder, it is a coming of age drama, based on the novel of the same name. And now I am even more curious, as my interest is piqued, when as someone is known for their knowledge, skills, and lived experiences around neuro diversity, I haven’t heard of Treacher Collins syndrome, so I intend to watch the film to find out.

I guess as I complete this blogpost I am filled with awe, at the reviews, based on this New York Times best seller, and I will leave you with a quote, so I can watch the film.

“When given the choice between being right or being kind choose Kind” https://www.penguin.co.uk

The characters in myinnertribe.me can all act as unofficial critics, and let me know what self-awareness lessons / leadership tips they pick up. They really immerse themselves in this sort of inquiry. How about you?

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