Sometimes your soul needs the “talking stick”.

Sometimes your soul just wants the “talking stick”

Sometimes you witness suffering and you just have to speak out.

It is come to my attention, that two gentlemen, on opposite sides of the UK, are struggling with similar situations.

One person through abuse, through more abuse, survives at the base level of existence.

Depending on which lens you are looking through and your perspective on life, you can either see this scenario as a self-fulfilling outcome of choices made, or you can see it as someone who has been taken advantage of emotionally, physically and possibly another ways too.

The other person was somebody who had a privileged background, and found institutions like school, a difficult place to be. The choices made came from very different cloth, yet the outcome is similar in the fact that through self-neglect, distrust in society, and in the professionals that may have been able to reach out to him, he proceeded to live like this until he was a few weeks away from annihilation.

Why am I even bothering to comment on this, I had a decade, where my naivety allowed me to trust the wrong people, and was taken advantage of financially, emotionally, and sexually.

I have trained many modalities and now reach out to people who are at the beginning of their journey back to listening to their own sovereignty and internal wisdom that they no longer hear.

To this degree I will use my paintbrush, my voice and my pen to speak for this marginal group who through your neuro diversity, find it hard to interpret life as neuro- typical’s see it.

I will continue to write articles I will continue to speak to populations like professionals and parents, and I will continue to my dying day to try and change and influence ,.so these people are heard.

Life is bittersweet

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