Terrified Tina’s trousers tremble when she sees her car in the mornings.

Terrified Tina has developed one branch of her PTSD from her fear of driving in rush hour.
This has always been true for her as she is prone to anxiety and has dyspraxic tendencies.
When the Autistic Whisperer interviewed her in April 2020 she said the following:
The Autistic Whisperer meets:
Terrified Tina
Taunted by her fear of driving in rush hour, on motorways and after dark.
Keen to find remedies she spoke to professionals and listened to their advice.
Her body had given her many warning signs:

  • Migraines
  • Tension
  • Tears
    *. Panic attacks
    *. Hyper vigilance.

  • Tina rationalised these body twinges, as being a reaction to the bright lights that surrounded her;
    Ignoring her own behavioural contribution.
    She sought clarity, and steered into a nearby to sob with rage. She phoned a friend, to consol her,
    before driving home.
    Frustrated, she asked for Winter-saver hours, which helped her continue for a few more weeks, before surrendering to advice from peers to take time to heal and recalibrate.

Tears of awareness, flooded her immediate space, as Tina, knew she needed to stop pushing forward.
She accepted, the way her body was communicating with her, others could see her struggle, the same as
her kinaesthetic knowing. She listened.
She paused, and so sought guidance from her inner child, who invited the universe to respond.
It did, an Interfaith minister, friend, and soul sister recommended a little white box.
For 30 days, she persevered, and now her symptoms have lessened to a more manageable level.
Curious: reach out on tangledtreetribe.com and send a comment! or phone 07702 435234. Namaste.

The Stomach Brain

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