Maud Money mentions.

Maud Money agrees with Spencer Sherman and Brent Kessel in their article – “Heal your money karma”. This quote resonated: “As we understand our ancestral patterns and our archetypal money tendencies, we learn how to balance these tendencies to create a sustainable paradigm shift in our lives. In place of worn money beliefs and undermining behaviors, we can access and affirm beliefs and behaviors which align with who we are today. The spiritual tools are now available for us to challenge our initiation into money and undo our ancestral conditioning.”

Maud Money found this quote when searching for Kids Karma for an article she was researching, then she remembered her friend Olivia Stefanino who wrote about similar topics as Spencer and Brent. If you are some-one to likes to compare different authors, here is a sample of her words from her site: “Imagine If Money Could Speak – What Would It Say To You? Have you ever wondered what story you’re running about money- and why the same frustrating patterns seem to be repeating in your life, whether those patterns are related to money itself, your career, business, your earning potential, or even your relationships?”

Can’t wait to find out what money wants to say to you, then follow this link:

And assuage your curiousity, I am glad I did.

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