Trusting Tara says “YES”.

One birthday morn, Tara met with her friends and told them she was sensing a “change on the wind”.

“Y-E-S” is a small 3 letter word, which Tara had felt unsafe to say, if it meant she lost control in her life, yet she knew that steely determination had it’s limits.

Tara felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement as chose to surrender to the Universe on the important matter of her birthday. She kept questioning her loved one, and yet no answers were revealed.

Tara quietly surrendered her impulsive behaviour and remembered her wish to trust more and control less. She sighed and released her breath. She remembered the words of a friend – “it is right until it is wrong”, and whispered that she was ready to let the Universe help her with her life.

What had she learned from saying “YES” more easily:

  • Legacy leads the way, when love is the driving force.
  • Answers come from unexpected quarters.
  • She is intrinsic value to herself and other, by her presence in the world.
  • Value a better measure than price alone.

“Knowing what you value and how much you value it, is the fire that illuminates the dark. The world is full of so many lights that others want you to walk towards. Meditating helps keep your eyes firmly fixed on the light of what you value”. Bill Adams – The Five Lessons of Life.

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