Cul-de-sacs and Dead ends

Terrified Tina is taunted by her fear of driving in rush hour, on motorways and after dark. Keen to find remedies she spoke to professionals and listened to their advice.

Her body had given her many warning signs:

  • Migraines
  • Tension
  • Tears
  • Panic attacks
  • Hyper vigilance

She attempted to rationalise these body twinges as new forms of headlights, tail-gaiters, and her own behaviour of veering off onto a side-walk or lay-by, to cry or sob, or phone a friend for encouragement to complete her journey.

She negotiated “WINTERSAVER “ hours, which helped her continue for a few more weeks before surrendering to advice from peers to take time/out to heal and recalibrate.

Tears of energy awareness appeared everywhere- as soon as a sense of self or external waves of compassion were sensed.

Phrases like : side-lined, train-track, new direction, flooded Terrified Tina’s mind. And friends spoke of the wider context of her life.

Tina takes solace alone.


“The mind can overreact to the rush of every-day living, leaving us on edge and out of sorts. We forget that help is as near as a few moments in contemplation.

At least once a day, let the Sound and Light of G-d enliven you with spiritual impulses. Let the silent wind of G-d enter the sacred temple of consciousness in the heart.

Once tensions relax, it is just moments until the healing current of Spirit begins to restore you.” The Sound of Soul – Harold Klemp.

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