Sioux Shem says:

Envision a day when you need to seek no more. Exhausted from feeling “less than”, as if something was missing: a skill; a relationship, more meaning, or naked nurturing.

Sioux Shem followed these inquiries into lived experiences, and she chose to change one fragment of herself at a time.

She was angry with herself for internalising messages and listening to third party versions of who she was. She sought out individuals and learning experiences that may trigger her own self-awareness, so that she became aware of her own values and ethics. She visited her dear friend Madge who she entrusted her inner ecology landscape. She visited Burghead, a small town in Morayshire, Scotland and explored the peninsula and her inner thoughts, feelings and sensations. A flamenco of steps of strength emerged. She heard the first whispers of her inner voice and emotional intelligence (E.IQ).

She reflected on her childhood where she followed her friends up ropes and climbing frames, only to reach the top and have no sense of where she was in relation to the ground beneath her. Challenged by her dis-embodied state she sought techniques and practices to help ground her in the here and now. She visited Texas, in the southern USA, and visited a dance studio in Houston. She only knew one person there, Helen Terry, a teacher who had seen her tentative steps to follow the music, and dance her body’s way, back in the UK. She found courage to travel alone, in spite of her autist meltdowns, and was met by a peer who let her stop over and acclimate to the time zone. Her body became a vessel for serenity, grace and sensory intelligence (S.IQ)

Determined to deem that the benefits can outweigh the struggles faced, for “inner children of all ages”, Sioux Shem engaged in many internal battles with her critics and allies. Her solitude brought her moments of peace where her written and painted expressions gave her more clarity, connection and conviction, than her former fears could ever conceive.

Bellon exposed the theory that, in order for a person to truly learn or achieve mastery over a subject, he or she must maintain the values of patience and humility. Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl; but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. Martin Luther King.

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