Shiny Object Syndrome

My message this morning is “Please beware of Shiny Object Syndrome.” (No.1)
In my case this is quite literal.
I fell in love with a Murano glass bead; and desperate to add it to a bracelet.
The clasp broke open, and several beads fell off the chain.
And in doing so I took the rest of the beads off, so I could place them back on the chain in a particular color sequence, which friends who know me understand. I like things to match.
And in fact there is an aspect of my character, who can be seduced by Shiny Object Syndrome, whether it is a sale bargain of clothes or art canvasses; or art supplies, or whether it is a bauble of some type, or a pair of boots or shoes. this aspect of my character can be taken into wider aspects of my life; sometimes I have been drawn to Psychology, Marketing or Art Techniques, or Self-awareness principles, and have been known to purchase the same or similar learning materials on more than one occasion, not recognising the fact, as some buzz word resonated

“Shiny Objects Syndrome”(No.2)
from the Instagram feed, or Facebook post; to satisfy my urge for a particular object, and to quench my desire. Later I reflect and perceive that purchase to be un-necessary, and then feel a stronger need to negotiate a refund.
Sitting here with gratitude for the lesson, and grumpiness in the reduction in my range of rose gold baubles. This scenario highlights that in our shadow side of ourselves, there is this magpie nature, that loves Shiny Objects.
“Certain things catch the eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart”.
Yet how do we listen to our own heart?
It can take a moment or a lifetime- based on our willingness to pause and hear our inner voice or voices!
I realise that for me those moments can bring joy, sorrow, clarity and a pathway,however the first time of choosing solitude, my internal critic created chaos, to keep the status quo.
“Only when we step away from fear, can we possibly hear the inner voice “. Neale D. Walsh.

Shiny Object syndrome

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