Boxing day banter!

magdelene red
love; holding, growth

Today,  take a leap of faith… and start to express !

Observing self – thinking, feeling and sensing “little ones”.

Those on earth and those in spirit.

Childhood is forgetten by many, treasured by few… the images of innocence; and the textures of trauma.

Life experiences shape you, seeking meaning changes you, and allowing the alchemy to activate the innertribe – releases you.. They are waiting in the shadows!

Let me introduce you to  Sioux Chem. She is a symbol of the journey undertaken, and prompted by divine timing. Repeated murmurings stirred the soul, and the evolving purpose prompted, whispered and twinged it*s request for acknowledgement.

Soul prompts come from within, in quiet moments of silence, when the soul grit is stirred, soul whispers come in communication 1/1, and soul twinges grab the body*s attention.

Siouxisms*s are words spoken with clairity, yet without pre-thought or preparation, wonder at who speaks!

Sioux Chem uses Earth based existence to allow form and freedom, exile and emergence, self discovery, self knowledge, and observing and understanding (the apparent) other.

A prompt from earlier: The Inner Child Cards – A Fairy-Tale Tarot by Isha Lerner and Mark Learner:

The message: See your primary relationships from a fresh perspective. Meditate for clarity. Improve your posture and realise that your spine is like a spiritual beanstalk that carries divine impulses up and down your body. Realise that you can conquer giant problems with just a little bit of enlightenment. You can change your world through the power of positive thinking and the ability to visualise yourself steeped in abundance. Turn over a new leaf. Go with the flow. Surrender to your spiritual destiny.  Jack & the Beanstalk.

It may be a time in your life when you are making new decisions or searching for answers to old problems. Move toward your light and wisdom, and let the answers emerge like a great sunshine. Allow old worries to sink into the past like a poignant sunset. Clarity will come as you gently yield to the moment. The Two of Swords.

When Gabrielle appears in your reading, hear the call to spritual rebirth. Watch your dreams for inspiring symbols and stories that ask you to awaken to a higher life. Be compassionate to those down on their luck. You can be a teacher whose words, songs, and gentle touch can heal loved ones. Build a rainbow bridge of trust and understanding to your friends around the world.







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